I’m a Tulsa photographer who is originally from New York. My professional career began with a series of photos taken in a drive-through car wash. The play of water flying in the air, the light streaming through it and the violent colors got me hooked. I had my first show at the Dennis R. Neill Equality Center in Tulsa in 2013.

My photos deal with the world that most people don’t take time to see. I transform the “everyday” into new and try to use my photography to renew people’s perceptions of the hidden potential of beauty in our modern daily lives.

I digitally edit subjects into strong architectural, botanical, industrial and abstract works that are saturated with color. I print most of my art on aluminum sheets which have a deep luminescence. I have also been successful with placing my art on pillows and notecards as well. Originally hanging exhibitions, I am now also taking on some private commissions.

As a member of Tulsa Artist’s Coalition, Living Arts, 108 Contemporary Gallery and AHHA!, I am firmly planted in Tulsa and hope to expand my business into the region.

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